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Renee Verdon VOUS founder

Behind The Brand

I'm Renee, the founder and Creative Director of VOUS. VOUS is an ethical womenswear brand established in 2013 in NSW, Australia. Here at VOUS, we create timeless pieces from natural fabrics that will become treasured additions to your wardrobe. Each collection is produced in Australia in small quantities, meaning that you receive a unique garment that has been designed and made by hand. We help women to feel confident in their clothes whilst being kind to our planet and people. 

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Alice Tie Back Top - VOUS Contemporary Clothing

Mindfully Crafted

At VOUS we believe that getting dressed each day should be easy, not stressful or complicated and that when moments of peace do arise, pursuing your passions or prioritising self care is important. 

We also believe that mindful shopping and a simplified all season wardrobe, generates positive levels of wellbeing in a fast paced busy world.

That is why the VOUS brand offers a collection of mindfully crafted garments that mix and match effortlessly across seasons. 

At VOUS we help you feel confidently put together no matter the stress or busyness that you may be experiencing. 

Welcome to our world.