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What is the difference between Natural and Synthetic Fibres and how do they affect our everyday lives?

Do you know the difference between a natural and synthetic fibre? And is this important to know about anyway? 

All fabrics can be classified as being made from either natural or synthetic fibres. Natural fibres are found in nature (for example, from plants and animals) and have not been made by humans. Synthetic fibres are man made from chemical compounds and are not found in nature. In order to make a synthetic fibre chemicals from coal, gas and oil are combined to create a liquid, which is then passed through tiny holes to create a filament with is spun into thread. As you can imagine the waste by-products of this process are particularly harmful to our environment. 

In contrast, consciously produced natural fabrics are absorbent, are kind to planet and are durable. They breathe easier on our bodies and can be layered for comfort.

Another concern with synthetic fabrics such as Polyester and Nylon, is that they breakdown with each wash into tiny microfilaments which contribute to micro plastic pollution. 

Each year 1.5 million tons of micro plastic pollution ends up in our oceans, with 35% of this coming from synthetic fibres. These micro plastics not only effect water quality, but are inevitably consumed by marine life and ultimately return to us through our food. It is startling to think that the simple act of washing your clothes is contributing in this way to both the planet and our people's health decline. 

So what can we do to change the amount of pollution our clothing is creating? The simple act of wearing natural fibres and knowing how and where these fibres are farmed is key. 

At VOUS we choose to only use natural fibres in every range. This is why you will see fabrics such as linen (derived from the flax plant), cotton (GOTS certified where possible), responsible wool, and raw silk (created from the unboiled, untreated silk yarn) used throughout each season. No plastics here! 

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