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The VOUS Values Test

Have you ever wondered what values are? When exploring the sustainable fashion world, it is likely to be a term that you will stumble across. Or perhaps it's a word that you are already familiar with from other areas of your life. We think that values are an excellent way to define who you want to be and how you wish to represent yourself in the world. They are also a great way to assist us in making our conscious purchasing decisions. 

Values, put simply, are like street signs which help to guide you along your path. They are different to goals, in that, we can never 'complete' a value. We can't just tick them off our list of 'to do' for the day. Values are bigger than this. They help us to decide on what paths we want to take, what outcomes we want to pursue and what actions will make us feel good. Following our defined values helps to feel balanced, positive and regulated. But how do you find out what your values are, and how can you relate this to your consumer life? 

There are many lists of values that have been developed. We particularly like the Dare to Lead Values List by Brené Brown which we have linked to here

To uncover your core personal values we encourage you to do the following:

1. Download the Values List above and print a copy to work from.

2. Begin by underlining the values that you feel drawn to- don't overthink this stage of the process, underline any word that resonates with you. 

3. Go back to the values that you have underlined and narrow your list down to your top 10 Values. This will take some thinking time.

4. Review this more defined list and narrow down to your top 5 Values. 

5. These will represent your individual Core Value Set. 

Knowing what our values are is the first step towards living a value driven life. 

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