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Tame Your Emotions With the Fabric that You Wear

Have you ever noticed how temperature effects your mood? Studies have clearly shown that emotions and temperature are closely related, with hotter temperatures associated with feelings of anger and agitation. Let’s consider this in terms of the clothing that we wear. Have you ever noticed that as your body temperature increases you are more likely to react angrily to situations that would not normally concern you? I definitely have! Or have you noticed feeling more ‘on edge’ on humid days. Again, that is a ‘yes’ from me.  

Fabric, or the material that your clothes are made from, plays a key role in how your body regulates its temperature. Synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester and spandex do not allow your body to breathe and thus cool itself as the environment changes. In contrast, natural fibres help your body to adapt to warmer temperatures. Let’s look at how this occurs 👇🏼

Natural fibres such as linen have a unique ability to draw moisture away from your skin leaving you feeling cooler and more comfortable. To be precise, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. And in cooler weather its fantastic thermoregulation properties mean that it keeps you feeling warm and comfortable.  

This is in contrast to man-made fabrics such as polyester which hold heat and perspiration close to your body, creating a hot sticky mess. Yuck!!

Knowing how different fabrics work with your body temperature is essential. It not only helps you to feel cooler or warmer depending on the outside temperature but also more comfortable in your mood and emotions allowing you to feel more at ease in your everyday life.

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