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Mindful Shopping- A Key Strategy For Peaceful Living

Do you wish that you could minimise the overwhelm of starting your day? OR are you someone who loves to invest in considered, sustainable design? If you answered 'Yes' to either if these questions, mindful shopping may be for you.

To begin, let's explore what mindful shopping entails. Mindful shopping is an extension of the practice of mindfulness- maintaining your attention in the present moment. It includes maintaining your full awareness when you shop, so that you avoid impulse buys, guilt-driven purchases, overspending, and supporting unethical brands. 

Mindful shopping supports a more peaceful way of living by reducing;

1. The cycle of short-term pleasure and long term distress. When impulse purchases are made the brain experiences a quick dopamine (feel good neurotransmitter) release. This results is us 'feeling good' in the moments following this purchase. However, as this neurotransmitter is then used within the brain, that 'good' feeling dissipates; leaving us with the long term feelings about that impulse buy. Mindfulness acts to change the pathways of the brain so that it does not get trapped in seeking quick, short dopamine releases for pleasure. 

2. Overspending. Presence of mind allows you to make better decisions that keep within your budget.

3. Guilt and increasing gratitude. When you curate a smaller collection of items you love, you develop a deep sense of gratitude for each one. Plus, you’re less inclined to chase after endless desires for more 'stuff'. 

4. Buyers remorse and the time spent returning items. 


Mindful shopping is also a tool that allows you to reduce the overwhelm of starting your day. By crafting a considered wardrobe you are simplifying the array of clothing that over-stimulates an already busy brain. Imagine instead, starting your day facing a collection of beautifully crafted garments that seamlessly work together.

So what does mindful shopping look like in action? 

  1. Buying only what you need – even if you have a hard time saying ‘no’ to those flashy sales signs.
  2. Keeping gifts simple and thoughtful – even if you’re an overachiever that usually spends a lot of energy to hunt down ‘that perfect gift.’
  3. Choosing quality over quantity – even if you feel the social pressure to give more.
  4. Researching the environmental impact of a product before you buy it – even if you like to make impulse purchases.

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