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Calculate Your Clothing's Worth: Cost Per Wear Simplified

Have you ever thought about the true value of your clothing? Let's talk about "Cost Per Wear" and how investing in a quality wardrobe can save you money over time.

What is Cost Per Wear?

Cost Per Wear (CPW) is a simple concept that helps you understand the real value of your clothes. It’s calculated by dividing the price of an item by the number of times you wear it.


Imagine you buy a $50 top that you wear twice. The CPW is $25. Now, think about a $200 dress that you wear 50 times. The CPW drops to just $4!

Generally, high quality items will lead to larger savings over time, whereas cheaper fast fashion pieces will be more expensive.
Why does buying quality save you money?
  1. Longevity: High-quality pieces last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  2. Versatility: Timeless, well-made items can be styled in numerous ways, fitting different occasions seamlessly.
  3. Satisfaction: Quality garments feel better, fit better, and look better, bringing you joy every time you wear them.

At VOUS, we believe in creating pieces that offer exceptional value through their longevity and timeless appeal. Our collections are designed to blend seamlessly with your wardrobe, ensuring you look stylish and feel confident, season after season.

Why You'll Love Our Pieces:

  • Crafted with love from high-quality, natural materials
  • Thoughtfully designed for versatility and comfort
  • Made to last, reducing your CPW significantly

To share a personal story, I recently posted on our stories about a VOUS garment I have cherished for over 30 years. This piece not only holds sentimental value but also proves the worth of investing in quality clothing.

We’re committed to empowering you with timeless fashion that lasts. Join us on this journey and make mindful choices that benefit your wardrobe and the planet.

Ready to Invest in Quality?

Discover our latest collections and see how VOUS can transform your wardrobe with pieces that you'll love and wear for years to come.


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