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3 Ways to Successfully Shop Online

Shopping online can be a daunting task- especially when you are new to a brand's fit and shaping. We wanted to make this task a little easier with our 3 step guide to buying online with ease and success. 


Tip 1: Take Your Measurements

Knowing your body's own unique measurements is an important step to feeling confident about your online purchase. There are differences between 'standard sizes' across brands and this can be a problem if you are new to a brand that you've seen online. Knowing your body's own unique measurements takes the guess work out of sizing, and allows you to make an informed decision.

The measurements that can best assist you when purchasing online are your Bust, Waist and Hip. 


Tip 2: Check Each Garments Sizing Guide

Comparing your own unique measurements to a brand's size guide will assist you to decide what size garment to purchase. VOUS has developed a simple Size Guide to make this process simple. It can be found here 

If you find that you are in between sizes consider what shapes and silhouettes best suit your body. Do you consider two piece garments - i.e tops and bottoms over dresses, or slim fitting silhouettes over volumous styles?


Tip 3: Make a List of What You Need

Make a list of what you require before shopping online. This may be for a season, a specific purpose or to compliment your existing wardrobe. Knowing where the gaps are will minimise impuse buys. Be aware of what fabrics you like to wear and if you are viewing a trend. Trends are likely to exit your wardrobe quickly so may not offer longevity if this is what you are seeking. Being aware of your requirements will help to answer the question of  'do I really need to buy this right now?' 

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