Our Sale Philosophy

For a conscious clothing brand going on SALE requires some consideration- over production, heavily reduced stock, and impulse buying habits do not easily align with the core values of the VOUS brand. And lets face it, a SALE usually signifies that these processes are at play.

We have taken time to personally reflect on the idea of offering our products at sale prices and wanted to document our philosophy.

Firstly lets look at the true cost of a VOUS garment-

Cost Price of Garment x 2 = Wholesale
Wholesale x 2 = RRP
RRP x 1.1% (GST) = Final RRP
As the cost of producing a VOUS garment is much higher than that of larger retail brands our RRP can be out of financial reach for all of our customers. This doesn't mean however, that our designs wouldn't be treasured by customers who could purchase them at a lower price point. We believe that by offering curated sales everyone can access our brand. This then brings me to my next concept- What does a large retail brand do with the excess stock that they cannot sell? You may have heard about luxury brands burning stock that has not sold, sending it to landfill.... its ugly and unnecessary. A curated sale also allows us to minimise the environmental impact of discarding unsold stock. Finally, VOUS is a small independent brand. The cost of running our business is high, but we are committed to making a positive impact on the world that we live in and love. Our curated SALE may not offer a full size range of availability, some products are the last piece left while others have greater availability. We hope that you can however find a piece that you will treasure and appreciate throughout its life cycle.